How to build confidence as an entrepreneur and stay on the path to success.

The more time I spend time talking to clients, the more I realise that many business owners don’t need a complete overhaul in order to operate at their best. They just need a bit of help clearing the fog and finding their way again. 

Whether that’s providing their first timely set of accounts or helping them ‘find their why’, all they need is guidance.

At Valued we’ve spent the last few years trying to distil the process of helping down into something more tangible and yet still flexible enough to morph to each unique situation. 

The result is The Valued Method.

What is The Valued Method?

The Valued Method is a fancy name for the tried and tested support structure that we give our clients. It’s broken down into three steps that are designed to

  1. Fulfil your financial obligations

  2. Set goals

  3. Be held accountable to achieving those goals

It looks a bit like this:

Now obviously every business is different so this isn’t set in stone. I have, however, found that offering our clients some kind of structure helps them prioritise their decisions and get a bit less overwhelmed. 

Whether a client or not, I’d recommend approaching your own business in the same way. After all, you can’t build on top of an already broken system.

As always If you’ve got any questions about The Valued Method or anything else from these emails, just get in touch with me and the team here.

Take care,

Stephen Paul