Why was Valued born?

Stephen founded Valued Accountancy in April 2011 with the belief that accountants should partner business owners to get what they really want from both business and life.

Valued started its journey as Valued Accountancy Services when Stephen retired from being a partner in a leading north east accountancy firm, after the loss of his mother. Stephen was driven to redefine the traditional accountant-client relationship, by helping each business owner along their entrepreneurial journey, instead of only showing up at tax time.

Since then Valued has grown and developed to become a leading UK wide accountancy firm, that offers a range of solutions to clients (and other accountancy practices) using cloud technologies, ensuring clarity for better decision-making and most importantly putting people first.

Why Valued

Powerful Accounting, Dedicated People

We use the most robust cloud accounting systems, driven by our qualified and dedicated team of expert accountants, here at Valued Accountancy.

Everything we implement and work on for your business is carefully designed to maximise the efficiency of your information exchange with us and to expedite financials, including real-time cash flow data direct to your dashboard, so that you can make important decisions quickly.

Let's work together

The Values we live by

We listen, understand and communicate with regularity

We are consistent, accountable and reliable

We work hard to exceed expectations and always stay humble

We care with a passion, no matter how small the business we deal with is

We help our clients to make better choices and live better lives

We believe that the personal touch matters

Meet Team Valued

We welcome you to Valued Accountancy and invite you to meet our exceptional Team.

Stephen Paul, CEO at Valued

Stephen Paul

Managing Director

Father to Lucy and Jessica, and husband to Kate, Stephen loves to take long walks and is a big fan of the song Dignity by Deacon Blue. Currently his favourite phone app is Fitbit, which is helping him count steps in his #stepchallenge

Twitter @Valued_Stephen

David Oliver, Solutions at Valued

David Oliver


When David isn’t enjoying time with his wife Samantha and son Cooper, he is treasurer at Consett Tabletop Games Society. He favours Warhammer 40,000 as his game of choice and loves building Lego for our office.

Twitter @Valued_David

Danielle Berry, Payroll at Valued

Danielle Berry


Danielle loves spending time with her family and french bull dog. When she is able to Danielle loves to workout and her Deadlift PB is 100kg. A real adrenaline junkie, Danielle has raised money for charity sky-diving.

Michael Mann, Valued

Michael Mann


Michael is a big family man, so loves spending time with his beautiful wife and young son Henry. He also designs stunning wooden furniture.

LinkedIn – Michael Mann

Gavin Ng, Valued

Gavin Ng


Gavin loves travelling with his wife Claudia and two sons, Lucas and Jasper. One of his favourite destinations for really relaxing is Tenerife.

Chloe Todd, Valued

Chloe Todd


Chloe lives with her partner Hayden and dog Alfie. Her favoured superpower would be invisibility.

Twitter @Valued_Chloe

Jonny Lister, Valued

Jonny Lister


Jonny loves long distance running and spending time with his beautiful wife. In one of his first jobs he sold so much Northumberland Tea that he was awarded a signed tea box, by world cup winner Jack Charlton.

LinkedIn – Jonny Lister

Simon Oxley, Valued

Simon Oxley


When Simon isn’t out hiking and listening to audiobooks, he is spending time rolling around with son Teddy. Recently he has been very inspired by the audio book “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins.

Eileen Walker, Valued

Eileen Walker


Eileen lives with her two beloved dogs, Blue, a springer spaniel and Dee, a pug. In her spare time she loves to make handmade cards as gifts. Her perfect pizza would be a BBQ base with chicken and sweetcorn.

Danny Carrington, Valued

Danny Carrington


Danny is a big fan of watching sports and his bulldog Reggie. As as kid, he once accidentally met Sir Bobby Robson, who gave him an autograph while his mam snapped a picture.

Twitter @Valued_danny

Alex Morton, Valued

Alex Morton


Alex loves travelling and exploring new places. When closer to home she loves catching up with friends at the weekend. Her favourite pizza is a Vegetarian Supreme with chicken and pepperoni.

LinkedIn – Alex Morton

Kevin Dent, Valued

Kevin Dent


Kevin has been working at Valued since the beginning and has built his own team within the firm.

Katie Borlace


Katie enjoys family time the best, having fun with husband Andrew, son Jack and her crazy Boxer Bobby. Her favourite pizza is ham and pineapple, with extra pineapple, of course!

Lyndsey Robinson, Valued

Lyndsey Robinson


Lyndsey is a superfan of the band Embrace. When she isn’t travelling to gigs, or listening to their music, she is chatting to fellow fans online. Her claim to fame is walking alongside Snoop Dog in the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Vegas.

Kate Paul, Valued

Kate Paul


Kate loves nothing more than long walks with her husband and 2 beautiful children. Her favourite fictional character is Mary Poppins.

Sharon Main, Valued

Sharon Main


Sharon enjoys taking time away with her beloved husband Peter at their caravan. If Sharon were a superhero, she would choose the powers of invisibility and mind reading.

Zoe Bell, Valued

Zoe Bell


Zoe lives with her partner and beloved rescue dog Milly. She once spent the night in a monastery in the Himalayas.

Laura Davison, Valued

Laura Davison


Laura loves nothing more than being out and about with family, and watching her daughter dance in stage competitions. Her positive, bubbly outlook on life was recently reinforced by the book The Secret. Laura's claim to fame is dancing on stage at a Nicki Minaj concert.

LinkedIn - Laura Davison

Ruth Oxley, Valued

Ruth Oxley


Ruth enjoys baking, yoga, being mum to handsome Teddy and relaxing with a good book - she was recently bowled over reading The Heavens by Sandra Newman. Ruth's brush with fame came when she once performed as an extra in Byker Grove, playing Trivial Pursuit.