Here are a selection of our most frequently asked questions, or FAQs. If you cannot find an answer to your question, or the detail you require, please contact us.

I'm considering moving my accounts to Valued, What do I need to do?

That's not a problem! As each business is different and therefore your accounting needs will be different, we'd like to ask you to book a FREE 15-minute discovery call with us. During the call we will assess your situation and send you a quote. Once agreed we will walk you through the process of transitioning your business accounts to Valued.

How does your pricing work?

We quote based on your specific needs and the services we will be required to maintain throughout our relationship. For basic end of year accounting and monthly account maintenance it could be as little at £35 a month. We are happy to talk you through your options on our Discovery Call.

Which areas of the UK do you serve?

We work nationwide and because all of your accounts are cloud based, access is easy.

Which accounting software do you use?

We use Xero accounting software and their app partners to tailor our implementation process. If you implement yourself, then we can advise on the best app partners and integrations you will need for better accounting practices.

I don't use Xero, does that matter?

If you have never used Xero before, then we can assure you it is really quite easy to master. What's more is that it is the most robust accounting system we have found, being able to cope with many different business situations. We host monthly webinars to show you exactly what the system can do for you - You can join us here.

If you are currently using a different accounting system then we can help you transition your software to Xero as you work with us.

My staff often work remotely, how can I create an accounting system to handle that?

The Xero system we use is entirely cloud based and so you, or your team can access it from anywhere, at anytime. This means quotes can be created and sent during client meetings, expenses can be added while you travel and most importantly you have real-time access to your cashflow figures, so that you can make those important decisions quickly.

I need a system that will grow with my business, can you help?

Yes we can! Xero is a really robust system which works perfectly just as you are starting out and goes on to include more complicated things like Payroll, VAT, or even segmented sales team projects. As we have been using Xero for years we have also become pretty expert in knowing which apps work well for which situation, and so we can advice you on integrations to make your accounting faster and easy for staff to manage.