6 Ways to be more sustainable in business

We recently attended Xerocon and Deborah Meaden’s talk on sustainability really inspired us to want to do more. It’s not just about raising awareness anymore, those days are gone. We need to actively make a change to make a difference. So I thought I’d put together a little blog on some suggestions on how to make your business more sustainable and help make the changes today for a better future.

1. Recycle

This is an easy one to do and something that most people will do in their homes anyway. Switching out the bins in your office to have a separate one for recyclable materials is something that can be very easily adapted. A small change that has a big impact.
Lead from the front and your staff will follow.

2. Recycle your old electronics

So often old office equipment and electronics end up in the landfill, if you do decide to replace them then look into how they can be recycled. If they’re still working consider offering them to a local charity or school where they can become re-loved again. Some electronics supplier even offer to recycle your old ones for you so it’s worth doing a bit of research into this before you send them to landfill.

3. Replace appliances with more energy efficient ones

Most electronics now have an energy efficiency rating when you buy them so next time you need to replace one maybe do a quick energy check and see which are beneficial based on low energy usage. Not only is this using less energy to help the environment but it will reduce your costs too which is a HUGE bonus especially when energy prices are at an all time high.

4. Sourcing Eco-Friendly Suppliers

Sourcing suppliers who use sustainable materials could have a massive impact on your environmental impact. Not only that but sourcing materials locally where possible will have a huge offset on your carbon footprint. If locally isn’t possible then try ordering your products in bulk, ordering larger quantities reduces the amount of deliveries that you need and therefore less carbon emissions are produced.
It could be handy for you to create a procurement policy which contains some of your company’s ideals such as lowering greenhouse gas emissions, reducing single use plastics, using renewable energy suppliers. This will help your staff see what your company wants when sourcing suppliers.

4. Switch out single use plastics

Switch out those single use plastics for a more eco friendly alternative. Whether that be using paper tape on your packing materials to switching out those plastic water bottles for some reusable ones. You could have fun with this too as most company’s offer personal branding for these items.

5. Use green cleaning products

We all need to clean and we know this however, a lot of standard cleaning products are filled with chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Sourcing cleaning products that contain non toxic chemicals is a great way to help the environment and even yourself as you won’t be breathing in those harmful chemicals. Some companies now even offer tablets that you add water to yourself, meaning less unnecessary water transported when purchasing.

6. Plant trees, shrubs and plants

Planting plants and trees not only makes your workplace pretty but also improves the air quality. Some businesses also offer planting trees based on purchases made, allowing you to put back those essential parts of the ecosystem that is much needed in society.

Why not have a chat with your staff, friends or family about other ways that they’re making a positive impact on the environment. Make it a collaborative effort, find new ideas and start making a difference within your business.