Marketing can be everyone’s responsibility

Marketing can be everyone’s responsibility – You don’t need to be in the sales team to make sales. And you don’t need to be in the marketing team to promote your business to new customers.

Marketing isn’t just about Facebook ads, email marketing and other marketing campaigns. Winning a new customer can be the result of a number of different interactions, none of which fit the ‘direct sales’ approach that drives a lot of marketing.

A client win can come from:
  • A conversation at an industry event or exhibition
  • Seeing a branded vehicle on the road
  • Hearing you speak at a conference
  • Reading an attention-grabbing blog post
  • Chatting to someone from your team at a BBQ or other social event.
Marketing can be everyone’s responsibility

Marketing is for everyone in the business

Everyone in the team can be part of the marketing department. But to be able to engage with prospects, they must be able to describe the value you offer to someone.

To sell your offerings effectively, your people must know how your products and/or services add value for prospective customers. Marketing is about building relationships and defining value, so help your people polish their skills in these areas.

To improve everyone’s marketing ability:

  • Share your brand vision – having a brand vision helps you wrap up your core aims, strategy and company values in one meaningful manifesto for the business. By sharing this brand vision internally, you make sure everyone understands your purpose as a business – allowing them to quickly give prospects a one-sentence overview or ‘elevator pitch’ that describes how you’re unique in the marketplace.
  • Make your value proposition clear – instead of just listing features, tell your team how your products add benefits and create value for your ideal customer. When staff grasp this value proposition, they’re much better prepared for a chat with a prospect.
  • Focus on relationship building – people buy from people, so building deep, long-lasting relationships with customers is an integral part of turning them into regular buyers. Look after your leads, prospects and existing customers and you’ll turn them into advocates for your brand – and happy, satisfied customers are more likely to not only be repeat buyers but also to recommend you to other people.
  • Reward staff for new sales – giving your people an incentive to sell can prove to be highly productive. When your team know that there’s a reward for a new customer sale, it will drive business development and ad-hoc sales. Offer bonus payments, share incentives, time off in lieu or other additional benefits to reward the people that are helping you grow your customer base.

Put marketing at the heart of your team

If you want to get the best from your marketing, everyone on the team needs to get involved. We can help you refine your value proposition, define your business vision and help your people work on their relationship-building skills.

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