The count down to #Xerocon 2019 has begun

The count down to #Xerocon 2019 has begun

Many will know that a generalisation of anyone who works in an accountancy practice is that we are a bit grey, you know boring, nothing interesting to say other than quote tax legislation to you at parties….. Well think again!

We are now hip, down with the kids, we don’t wear suits (much) anymore, we use social media and blogs and seriously, we even have our own conference – Xerocon (think Glastonbury but for accountants) and yes we even had a zip wire at last year’s conference.

For the past seven years, October has been the trigger for the countdown to Xerocon to begin. This year is no exception and already we are getting giddy with excitement as this gives us the opportunity to meet with app-partners. our amazing friends and team at Xero and our peers. There is such an atmosphere of collaboration and co-operation, not competition. There is always something that we can learn from each other and the chance to hear from some great keynote speakers.

On this episode of our podcast, Stephen and I get a bit excited you might be able to tell.

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