Launched: Valued – The Podcast is now LIVE!!

With International Podcast Day on Monday 30th September 2019, it got us thinking about something that we discussed after attending Xerocon back in November 2018; Let’s get a podcast up and running.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, that’s what we thought and the plan was to kick our podcast off with some amazing guests, topics and it’ll be an instant hit. Well, the truth couldn’t be further away.

So after many months of deliberation, delay and being honest – scared of what people will think, we finally recorded and published our first episode, so we can confirm that Valued – The Podcast is now LIVE!! – well, it’s more of a pilot at this stage, but we’re going to persevere with this and that’s been our biggest lesson during this process – be consistent.

So we hope you enjoy our pilot and tune in for more episodes to come especially as we have now published them to Apple and are awaiting their review.

This blog post first appeared on our old website.