New Receipt Bank feature ‘flexible columns’ is making client collaboration easier than ever

New Receipt Bank feature ‘Flexible Columns’ is making client collaboration easier than ever

For years, here at Valued, we have been helping our clients save time by utilising the best in business technology. Using cloud business software such as Receipt Bank has transformed many of our clients’ businesses, creating an efficient and paperless office. 

If you read about how we use Receipt Bank in our last blog update you’ll know that Receipt Bank extracts the key information from bills, receipts and invoices, removing the need for manual data entry. 

Client collaboration is a breeze with Receipt Bank. When working on our clients’ books, there are often instances when we need to allocate certain company expenditure between different projects for tracking in Xero

With the new Flexible Columns feature, the collaboration workflow has become even easier. We now have the ability to bring key fields such as ‘project’ and ‘tax’ right to the inbox view. This makes admin a breeze, removing the need to even drill down into individual items, allowing us to focus precious time on high value client services. 

Another great feature update helping us to deliver an efficient and valuable service for our clients. 


For more information on how Receipt Bank can help your business save time contact David Oliver or Elouise Tupper on 01207 502145.